The following is a fact-check from the May 30, 2010 episode of Meet the Press.

ROBERT DUDLEY (BP) | Industry standards include checking blowout preventers every 14 days – TRUE

MR. DUDLEY: I don’t think so. The industry has–all around the world these pieces of equipment are inspected regularly, and in the U.S. they’re inspected every 14 days. This is a very unusual failure. We need to find out why. We need to learn from it and, and change the industry for good.|

According to the New York Times, over a decade ago, the frequency of blowout preventer inspections went from once a week to once every 14 days. The oil industry insisted the change because the inspections were to much of a disruption to oil production. Therefore, we will rate Mr. Dudley’s statement TRUE

This fact-check took 30 minutes.