So we’ve been over Sunday’s show a few times now, and while there were obviously some facts that were presented, we do not feel like there were really any important-to-check statements. Also the nature of the show, one long interview with a military commander, involved a lot more statements of opinion and analysis than would be in a typical Meet the Press with opposing viewpoints and data used to back them.  There were a few times that David Gregory used data to ask a question, which could of course be checked, but it seemed to fall into the realm of commonly known information as best we could judge.

Therefore, we have decided to not fact-check the show this week. That being said, if you find something in the transcript that you think needs our attention, please feel free to email us and we will happily look into it.

(Disclaimer: We are both also extremely busy this week with life stuff, thus this post appearing today instead of yesterday morning)