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Craig Newmark has a piece up on HuffPo regarding all this.

We certainly agree with this statement:

Among news organizations, the successful survivors will be the ones that build a culture of trust, largely by checking facts, and not tolerating disinformation.

He also requested and used a graphic we made inside the article. Thanks Craig!

Trust, Factchecking, and the News Media Landscape To Come (Craig Newmark – Huffington Post)

Ready For Our Close Up – Disclosure

Have already heard some push back that our names aren’t on this, so updating the About Us now.

This effort is coordinated by a political science student in Kansas (Paul Breer) and a journalism student in NYC (Chas Danner). We and this campaign are not affiliated with any organization. Although we are both Democrats (yes they have those in Kansas) – that does not and will not impact this non-partisan effort in any way. We have invested $10 (domain name) and some hard work. We met via Facebook 3 days before this site was launched.

We can be reached at meetthefacts[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Ready for Our Close Up

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More posts to come, all relevant to the issue of fact checking not only Meet The Press but all the Sunday shows and some additional glances at journalism/media in general.

The Various Fact Check Orgs

Interesting bit of reading from PBS’s Media Shift blog back in 2008 regarding the (then) sudden proliferation of fact check websites.. Also gives a good overview of the various players in each org.

Political Fact-Check Sites Proliferate, But Can They Break Through the Muck? (Mark Glaser @ Mediashift)

Welcome to!

Hopefully we will be able to use the blog part of this site to help cover the story of Fact Checking and the Sunday morning talk shows..

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