We’ll start this week with a minor fact-check pointed out by one of our Twitter followers:

DAVID GREGORY | Utah ousting of Sen. Bennett was by primary | FALSE

MR. GREGORY: The, the politics also interesting not just in terms of the Supreme Court but because of the midterm race as well. And we had a development yesterday that really makes you stand up and take notice. Senator Bennett, Bob Bennett of Utah, a well-known conservative, been in the Senate for a number of years, is out in a primary in Utah. He spoke to reporters afterward and was, was obviously emotional about it.

Panelist E.J. Dionne corrected this himself a minute later on the program, but it is worth pointing out that Senator Bennett was ousted at the state convention, not via a primary. So it was not by a larger pool of Republican voters but the Utah state GOP apparatus that replaced him on the ballot.

Bennett out; GOP delegates reject 18-year Senate veteran (Salt Lake City Tribune)

UPDATE: We acknowledge this is not a crucial fact, nor does it dramatically change what Gregory was trying to say. Just a quick easy fact to check to start this weeks results. And the difference between being voted out and delegate voted out is not insignificant when it comes to calculating the impact of the Tea Party movement