This site’s original goal was just to provide the public with tools with to pressure Meet The Press to start fact checking its guests after the broadcast. There has been some misconception regarding whether or not we would actually try to fact check them ourselves. Originally that was not the plan, but we are going to try it out.

Here is what we will do:

  • Identify several statements from today’s show that should be fact checked and do the best job we can to do that. This will include doing our own research as well as consulting other news organizations and analysis. We also welcome reader assistance: tweet, facebook, or email us
  • We will “show our work”
  • We will present our results as soon as they are available, without rhetoric
  • Our analysis will be non-partisan
  • We will probably not be able to fact check the entire show, but will look for some clear examples to not only better inform the public but also help reinforce the central logic of this campaign

Please keep in mind we are not professional journalists but volunteers. If you think it’s ridiculous that amateurs should have to do a job that a professional news organization should do but won’t – we agree with you.