The following is a fact-check of the May 16, 2010 episode of Meet the Press:

Jonathan Alter (Newsweek) | In Jan 2009 the US economy was losing 740K jobs a month, and now it is gaining 250K jobs a month. MOSTLY TRUE

MR. ALTER: When Barack Obama came to office, the economy was losing 740,000 jobs a month in January of 2009. We’re now adding about 250,000 jobs a month

From crowd-sourcer Joshua:

Regarding Jonathan Alter’s comment re jobs lost/gained, the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that non-farm payroll employment fell by 598,000 in January 2009 (see…). For context, it had fallen by 524,000 in December 2008 (…) and would fall by 651,000 in February 2009 (…).

As for how it is doing now, the BLS figures show that non-farm payroll employment fell by 36,000 in February 2010 (…), increased by 162,000 in March 2010 (…), and increased again by 290,000 in April 2010 (…).

Therefore although Mr. Alter’s numbers are somewhat off, the ballpark is correct and the difference does not change the overall point he was trying to make. The statement gets a MOSTLY TRUE.

The fact-checking of this statement took a combined 20 minutes.