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From Media Bistro on MTF

Via Media Bistro’s Webnewser Blog:

Well now comes “Meet the Facts.” Launched this morning, Meet the Facts is a website that describes itself as, “a non-partisan grassroots effort to encourage the NBC television program ‘Meet The Press’ to incorporate a formal fact checking procedure for all statements made on air by its guests. That analysis would then be released to the public, preferably within several days of the broadcast.”

Group Launches “Meet the Facts” to Pressure NBC Show to Bring on Fact-Checkers
(Chris Ariens @ Media Bistro)

Piece on Meet The Facts at Campus Progress

Includes some feedback from Jay Rosen:

It’s too soon to tell whether or not Meet the Facts will have a decisive impact, but the tool exemplifies a more interactive media environment, one in which consumers can easily protest the decisions made by newsmakers and a journalism professor can rattle the confidence placed in a program in its 62nd year of broadcasting.

“If the movement shows strength,” Rosen warned “the press will have to cover it, and Gregory and his colleagues at NBC will see that.”

New Website Lobbies ‘Meet the Press’ to Fact Check (Sara Haile-Mariam @ Campus Progress)

Nota Bene: Campus Progress is a part of the Center for American Progress, a liberal think thank – we appreciate all the attention we can get but just a reminder to readers that Meet The Facts is a non-partisan campaign.

Craig Newmark has a piece up on HuffPo regarding all this.

We certainly agree with this statement:

Among news organizations, the successful survivors will be the ones that build a culture of trust, largely by checking facts, and not tolerating disinformation.

He also requested and used a graphic we made inside the article. Thanks Craig!

Trust, Factchecking, and the News Media Landscape To Come (Craig Newmark – Huffington Post)